Futures FC
Seven Hills AFC
Mark Blagburn x2, Warren Lindley

Being freshly formed less than 48 hours prior to playing a game just after being disbanded…. Turning up to a match in a borrowed kit, with 2 balls but with smiles on our faces… these aren't the best way to start a game. But this didn't put off Seven Hills.

Starting what was known to be a tough game against a strong Futures FC, Seven Hills set up in a familiar formation - 351 - and for first 15-20 minutes the effort, possession and play was commendable.

Chances were coming quickly down the left Side with Sme being a focal point. But as time went on, fitness and focus issues started to show.

Futures then went ahead against the run of play, 0-1. Heads dropped, compounded with the recent upheaval, and shape started to be lost.

Seven Hills held tight, but then three quick fire goals resulted in Futures taking that 4-0 lead.

The whole team, felt the need for a fresh start, and a formation change was needed. But with minutes to half time it was a matter of holding on before a regroup.

A second half start with a new formation… back to basics with 442. And Seven Hills were on fire… Like a fresh start, Futures were put under heavy pressure with chances falling to Sme, Ben, Jaz and Mark… but Seven Hills were unable to capitalise. It could have easily been 4-4 within the first 5 minutes of the second half.

But heads didn't drop and the pressure kept up. Pulling the score back to 2-4 with Goals from Mark and Warren. (2-0 in this second half).

Fitness problems again became apparent for Seven Hills and changes to the line up to introduce new players and increase game time allowed Futures to get back into the game at 2-5… but again heads didn't drop and the team battled on.

Another goal was bagged for mark to bring the score to a more respectable 3-5… but then two late quick fire goals including a great freekick left the score at 3-7 to Futures.

A hard, lost battle but the potential was there for all to see.

MOM: Keiffer for a solid display. Runner up MOM: Mark, two well taken goals and some selfless play.