Sportsman Inn FC
Seven Hills AFC
Liam Sproson

Big test today for the lads in our second pre season game against a very good side from the imperial league.

The game was back and forth at times and with sportsman taking control but Seven Hills working and grafting hard our keeper pull some cracking saves off to keep us in it with sportsman’s striker following a shot up to make it 1-0.

But Seven Hills battled hard and got back into the game before half time with a goal from Liam making it 1-1

The second half started off the same with battles all over the pitch and for 65-70mins we gave as good as we got but in the end our fitness and some players missing we conceded 3 goals on the bounce but we didn’t let our heads drop we carried on a worked hard for the 90mins. We carried our selfs well today and this was a test lots of positives very proud of the boys.

Thanks to sportsman for the game good set of lads good luck for the season.

On to the next game.