Woodhouse Wanderers FC
Seven Hills AFC
Sphumelele Basi, Trialist C

Going into the game, we knew this would be a strong test, especially with a few players absent, but the lads were up for it.

We were level for the first 30 minutes, and produced flashes of decent football, but ultimately Woodhouse were on top, and it was like holding back wave after wave which eventually would give way.

Some quick goals, and a few mistakes on our side meant they went in to the break 3-0.

The second half was a fresh start for our lads, and we went out much stronger, hitting them on the counter and going close several times, seeing a couple of goals ruled out for offside and another where an advantage wasn't played.

Another lapse led to Woodhouse grabbing another goal, with questions again of offside… but the Seven Hills players weren't letting their heads drop. And as we continued on the break, Sme ran free on the counter to grab a goal - with a questionable celebration to follow.

We'd go on to concede another, before making a formation switch which left us much stronger… and trialist, Will went on to pull another goal back late in the game.

In the end Woodhouse ran out comfortable winners at 5-2, but there was promise in the a much more even second half.

On to next week and another test!