De La Salle
Seven Hills AFC
Tom Crothers, Tom Miles

Aiming to get back to winning ways, we had De La Salle pay us a visit up at Colley park for a friendly game.

Originally this was to be a league game, but De La Salle were unable to field a fully registered squad.

Seven Hlils started strong, with the wind against us, controlling the posession on the pitch, with Sean producing a great showing in his debut. Ryan also showcasing his depth, having come as a more attacking player, but filling in as a defender for his first game.

Seven Hills would finish the first half at 2-0, with a notable fisrt goal for TC.

The second half a quick change with JD coming off for Gav, but Seven Hills continued to dominate the game. Now kicking into the wind a ball into the box was diverted onto a De La Salle defenders head which then looped and blew into the goal to make it 3-0.

At this point you'd be forgiven for thinking the game would be well and truly in the control of Seven Hills, but unfortunately, some quick breaks, sloppy defending and conceding fouls allowed De La Salle to claw themselves back into the game. With time running out, De La Salle claimed for a second penalty, which wasn't seen by the referee, but with this being a friendly, the sidelines made clear it should be given.

Final score, 3-4 to De La Salle.

M.o.M: Tom Miles Runner up: Tom Bedford